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  1. Polly-
    I really enjoy reading your postings. They are well written, as expected, and bring a great deal of pleasure to me in the canyons of commercial enterprise; New York. I envy your clean, natural and Maine-based life and while I have opted for something very different right now, your periodic postings transport me to the coast of Maine. Keep up the great work!

    I had a very nice visit with Jane (Cunningham) and Dave Legier over Labor Day as they came to Manchester, MA to visit me. I still maintain a house there and it was wonderful to see them; they are doing very well and still love Fairhope. Finally, I would love to get your brother Dickie’s address and email? He and I enjoyed each other at Brooks School many years ago and I have only seen him a few times since. It would be nice to catch up.

    Cordially, Chris

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